I’m gardening on a budget. There are many reasons for this, whether economical, environmental, sustainable and just plain frugal. I was tipped off that a site called wintersown.org is promoting their winter sowing techniques ( which are great btw!) by offering your choice of 6 tomato seed varieties in exchange for postage! All you have to do is send in your SASE (with two first class stamps) and your choices from the tomato list and they’ll send your seeds in the mail! Full details are here on their site!

I thought what the heck I can squeeze more room for tomatoes, especially if I put some in the front garden, so I narrowed down my list and sent in my SASE. 2 weeks later I get my envelope in the mail : Here’s what I got:

That’s a seed saving brochure and 10 packets of seeds. I guess they put more in as it’s the start of the season, or they are just enablers that want me to grow more tomatoes! lol! Here’s the list of seeds they sent me:
  • Tomato – supper Sioux
  • Tomato – Celebrity
  • Tomato – Black Cherry
  • Tomato – Yellow Pear Cherry
  • Tomato – Elberta Peach (my wild card choice)
  • Tomato – Yellow Lemon
  • Tomato – Green Zebra
  • Tomato – orange banana
  • Herb – Parsley
  • Watermelon – crimson sweet

Over the moon at the different tomato varieties! I also like that they use plastic baggies. Sure they are plastic but they are reusable! I may change my seeds over to this style! Plus I can take out a few at a time, reseal and come back to them later!

Now I need to get busy sowing the seeds! Whoohooo!

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