Anyone in charge of yard work knows how much work caring for a lawn can be. There is the weekly cutting, watering, fertilizing, and weeding to consider. Not only are these things time consuming, they also cost money. From buying lawn care products like fertilizer and weed killers, to the cost of your water bill to keep that grass green during dry spells, artificial grass will pay for itself before you know it. Artificial grass landscaping reflects the current trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly home care as it reduces water usage and weed killer and fertilizer run-off into sewers and drainage systems.

Perks of Artificial Grass

The number-one perk of artificial grass landscaping is that there is a one-time cost up front but no maintenance costs after. Most synthetic grass options range from $2.00 to $3.00/square foot. While it can be a hefty price tag up front, especially for large areas, there are none of the maintenance costs associated with real grass, nor the stress or additional time demands of lawn care. If you’re going away on a holiday, there is no need to worry that lengthy grass would tip off would-be thieves that the house is empty. Your savings in water bills alone would eventually pay for that initial cost.

Ease and Accessibility

Many artificial grass stores offer free in-store pick up and nationwide delivery. Perfect for residential or commercial locations, there are a wide variety of grass types and styles to choose from. Many companies even offer free samples so you can try them out in the location. Synthetic grass isn’t just for homes; it is being used in public parks, playgrounds, golf greens, and athletic fields. It is a highly versatile product that maintains its looks for years to come. Most companies offer the service of installing the artificial grass landscaping so there is no worry or stress to the buyer. Just sit back and watch your landscaping dreams come true with a minimum of effort.

Join the trend of what has become an eco-friendly alternative to the hassles of real grass and lawn care. Artificial grass landscaping is not only practical and low maintenance, it is affordable and sustainable.