Home inspections are regularly performed to determine if a home requires additional repairs or maintenance prior to being purchased. Are home inspections worth it, is a common question that many buyers ask. This depends on whether the benefits of the inspection outweigh the costs.

Reasons To Get A Home Inspection

Home inspections provide the opportunity for a seller or buyer to identify existing problems with a home, prior to the close of sale. Realtors will commonly include a home inspection clause in their contracts. This clause mandates the seller to have an inspection completed before a sale can close.

New construction inspections differ from older home inspections. For new construction, the foundation, drywall, and a final inspection of the entire premises will be conducted. Buyers and sellers can choose to use a local inspector to take an in-depth look at the property.

Areas Checked During A Home Inspection

During an inspection, all interior and exterior surfaces of the home will be checked. Bathrooms will be monitored for leaks. The electrical system will be checked, ensuring that the wiring, outlets, and GFCI connections are functioning correctly. The foundation will be analyzed to ensure that the home is not abnormally settling.

The garage, carport, heating and ventilation systems, are also inspected. In some cases when appliances are included in the sale, the appliances will also be inspected to ensure they are working correctly. The plumbing, roof, and walls are also included in the inspection. If anything is found during the review, it will be decided at that point who is required to fix the issue.

Do The Benefits Outweigh The Costs?

The costs for an inspector to come to your residence to inspect your property varies from state to state. An average inspection will last three hours. During the inspection, it is wise to accompany the inspector and ask any questions you may have during the process.

Sellers and buyers can benefit from having a home inspection conducted. Sellers will be advised of any problems that exist with the property. Buyers will also be made aware of the responsibilities they will be taking on if they choose to purchase the home. Are home inspections worth it? Yes, they are, for all parties involved.