Building a custom home starts with a passion for a lifetime of creation… creating a space where your best memories can be made with your best people. A professional custom home builder understands that your house is so much more than a home and with the holidays quickly approaching, it got us to thinking about some of our favorite builds and why. From tea-on-the-rocking-chair porches to apple-pie-ala-mode kitchen memories, here are three of our favorites that will inspire you to dream up some of your own…

Gingerbread Memories

Some of our best memories came from our childhood kitchens. Whether that was baking gingerbread cookies with Grandma… or just eating them… this custom kitchen build is only missing your own personal touch. From cake stands filled with butter cream cupcakes to mom’s famous lasagna, this build felt very much like an add-your-own memories eatery where holiday moments (and everyday wonders) grew wild on the vine.

Backyard Exclusive

Your front yard is much like a book’s front cover in many ways. It is what the world sees first when they pass by it. However, your backyard is much like the exciting twists and turns that you only know if you know the story and the characters. Picture it… bare feet dripping wet from the pool, leaving puddles of chlorine and summer all the way back to the backyard door. Nobody else gets to take that path but you… make it special. We think this one is equal parts whimsical and functional.

Home Sweet Home Meets Vacation Home

This outdoor build has a sort of Mediterranean, communal vibe where friends gather after working all day in the hot sun for a cold tropical drink. Instead of taking that trip around the world, sometimes it makes more sense to bring the world to you. This way, you can enjoy the big, wide world anytime you want to without ever having to leave the comfort of your home sweet home.

Building a custom home is an intimate experience that allows you to create the life that you want without the need to conform to the ordinary. Ask your home builder to work with you to create a home that is truly your own and, in every way, just as unique as the people inside it.

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