Although it may be impossible to keep insects from entering a dwelling, it is certainly a realistic goal to eradicate them when they are found. There is a broad range of products on today’s market that can be used to eliminate bugs, but serious infestations require professional pest control services.

Some bug species are area-specific, while others cause problems throughout the country. A few of the most common insects found in essentially all states include termites, cockroaches, ants and bed bugs.


Ants usually prefer outdoor life, but if they locate an attractive food source they will quickly invade indoor areas. Many people are under the impression that ants find only sugar attractive, and it comes as a surprise to discover that many ant species also live on proteins. Ants usually follow a pheromone trail leading from their colony to the food source. This is why consumers typically notice a distinct path when they discover ants in their home.


Cockroaches are particularly repulsive bugs that no one is happy to find in his or her dwelling. They can carry a broad range of diseases and are extremely difficult to eradicate. They prefer dark, moist areas, such as damp bathrooms and laundry rooms.


While it is true that termites pose no threat to humans, they can do extensive damage to a home’s structural integrity. This is why if one even suspects the presence of such insects, an exterminator’s evaluation is needed. Blistered paint and tiny holes in wood are both hallmark signs of their presence. Individuals may also find discarded wings, as such insects shed this part of their anatomy on an annual basis.

Bed Bugs

Virtually all homeowners are horrified to find evidence of bed bugs, as receiving insect bites during the night in one’s own bed is a particularly distasteful experience. Such insects can spread disease, administer painful bites and be exceptionally difficult to eradicate. They hide in tiny crevices during the day and launch their attacks at night.

There are certain home remedies and over-the-counter products that may help consumers with their insect problems. However, professional pest control services are by far the best option when anything other than a mild problem is discovered.