With all of the options available for home buyers, some people might ask “Why build a custom home?” There are many reasons why people choose to build custom homes, and you may be surprised to learn that custom homes are not just for wealthy people. In fact, building a custom home can actually save money while giving you everything you desire in a home.

What is a customized home?

In many new subdivisions with pre-built homes you will likely notice slightly different versions of the same house. There might be some variations such as siding color and roof styles, but essentially every house has the same interior and exterior components.

There are builders who allow buyers to choose from various plans and personalize their homes by selecting siding colors, counter-top materials, kitchen cabinets, and flooring, however this is not true customization. These are mostly decorative preferences. A custom home goes beyond simple cosmetic changes because it is designed and laid out to fit an individual or a family’s lifestyle.

When you decide on a custom home, you can work with a builder to rearrange specific elements of the plan. Custom homes can be made more functional because of your ability to make major changes in the layout, allowing you to make the most of your space even if you are building a smaller home.

You might decide to reduce the size of one room to add more space to another. If you like built-ins such as bookcases or window seats with storage, you can customize your home to get those amenities. If you own a lot, and there are no restrictions, you can choose how your home will on be placed on the lot.

If a deck is not what you like, you can choose to add a lanai or covered patio. When you build a custom home, you can give it character similar to older homes by adding touches such as unique crown molding and other exterior or interior millwork. Building a custom home also gives you the freedom to choose higher quality appliances. These are a few reasons why many people choose to build custom homes.