All the rain we’ve had recently has made me go out and buy a pair of Wellies, gum boots, rain boots whatever you want to call ’em! To us they’re Wellies – Wellington Boots. I bought them at Target for $19.99 and I’ve had lots of opportunities to try them out and I love them.

They come to about mid calf level which isn’t really a good look for anyone but sooo comfortable! Plus with my chunky calves probably a good thing they don’t go any higher! Another good reason for buying them is I can use them for walking the dogs in the rain. So they pretty much have lots of uses. Good job I got them too as we have MORE rain on the way this weekend and later in the week. After a really dry and warm January this February downpour is really drowning us. At least it’s one less job as I don’t have to water the plants…

Also for some reason, now I have wellies I feel like a proper gardener, lol!

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