Work on East facing strip of front garden: This project is on hold right now. After working on the area for a few hours it occurred to me that ‘if’ we do get an RV or similar vehicle that we’ve discussed previously this is the area that it would be parked! I’d been told by a friend that it was against city ordinance to park the RV on the driveway so I called the city (and checked the site online) and nope it’s perfectly fine. We just have to pave the area and we’re golden. Needless to say that area is on hold till we decide what we’re doing. I’ll still work on the plot as we need to clear the area either way no matter what we do on it, but it’s not a priority right now (not like the rest of the yard!) so I’m changing the goals to reflect this change of focus.

  • Work on sidewalk strip: This was the area I started first but it was disheartening as there are palm trees that needed removing, juniper roots and a whole lot of stones and debris. I was lucky on Thursday that a neighbor saw me out and asked if I wanted help removing the palm trees! Naturally I accepted the offer and we made good headway in the 3 hours I was out there! Pretty much since then it’s either been raining or soggy wet. The picture above is an old one from last year but you can see the highlighted area I’m talking about, and the arrows point to palms/trees we took out last week! I just need to dig over, remove weeds/grass and work my way down. Right now I have dug over from the driveway to about a foot past the mailbox. As you can see LOTS of work to do!!! I need to get out there and take some new pics really! Will do that this month for the month end round up!
  • Plant seeds for Summer crops: Planted lots of seeds, but then we had a frost so hopefully they will be ok! Planted: tomato, eggplant, herbs, pumpkin, peppers and more. I need to get a better system for keeping track! I also need to find a good seed starter trays. The ones we saw at walmart looked ok but I prefer individual cells and theirs were ones that you had to buy the coir/peat pots each time which is not me at all. But then maybe I should try them? They did smaller ones so perhaps I will give them a go? Be nice to have something that lasts season after season.
  • Get ground cover between raised beds: Not done yet. Honestly the weather has hindered this. Basically I need the ground cover cos when it rains it’s muddy (plus it’ll stop weeds) but it’s too wet most days to get out there, or I can’t rely on good weather for drop off and me hauling it round the back! *sigh* Someone tell mother nature to cooperate with my gardening schedule please!!!

As you can see the weather is hindering plans and gardening activities. What I am trying to do is get ahead with other tasks in the house/work so that once the weather dries up a little I can attack the garden with full force! At least that’s the plan! The forecast so far is 2 days sun, 2 days rain followed by 3 days sun, 3 days rain, and temperatures between 55 – 70 degrees.

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